The Hotel Café opened in 2000 as a coffee shop where singer-songwriters came to perform their material for small audiences.  It is tucked away in an alley off Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, CA. It is a beautiful, intimate space boasting a full bar and two stages. The venue has been influential in the Los Angeles music scene and Sound Collective is happy to call this landmark home. Sound Collective takes place on Sunday evenings on the Second Stage. Tickets can be purchased in advance on The Hotel Cafe website, or at the door. We look forward to providing you with a night of entertainment in one of Hollywood’s most iconic music venues.


1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Live Show


About the Hosts

Josh Arbour :: Kira Lingman

Josh Arbour

Josh Arbour is a revelation! A born storyteller, Josh’s music and lyrics take you on captivating journeys. Whether he is involving his audiences in an ill-fated Parisian romance, revealing the jungles of Africa through the bewildered eyes of a child soldier, or taking listeners on a foot stomping trip back to gospel roots, Josh’s genre bending original style never fails to amaze, with the formation of the Josh Arbour Band, Josh has assembled a seasoned group of musicians to infuse Josh’s original songs with so much life that audiences are left breathless.

Introduced to Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, and Bob Dylan, folk-blues has played a truly significant role in his songwriting. Josh’s life would forever change upon discovering Tom Waits, ‘Small Change’ album, Nina Simone’s 1967 album, ‘Sings The Blues’, and Prince’s self-titled 1979 album. Billie Holiday’s, ‘Lady in Satin’, Bessie Smith, and Joni Mitchell’s, ‘Blue’ album would begin his love affair with female singers. 90’s R&B is another inspiration to Josh Arbour’s vast musical genre influences.

Josh is humbled by the praise he is receiving from social media, crowd-sourced reviews, and general word of mouth. Josh’s career is just beginning to take wings. His self titled EP has received glowing reviews. 2017 he has appeared on the Nashville scene, has played the House of Blues during the Jazz Fest in New Orleans and the KAABOO Festival in Del Mar with a stellar lineup that included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink and one of the last performances of Tom Petty among others.

Josh is capturing the attention of touring musicians on the National scene and is in demand as an opening act for established names in the musical industry. The general consensus is that Josh is on the verge of an enduring musical career that will establish him as a household name.

Don’t miss this exciting artist as Josh’s star continues.

Kira Lingman

Lingman started playing guitar at 16 years old.

“I woke one morning and said, ‘I want to play the blues and I want to play guitar,’” she recalled. “I asked my dad if he could get me some guitar lessons and he was like, ‘Sure, let’s do it.”

It wasn’t until she graduated from Arizona State University that she decided to pursue music when she “got up the nerve” to perform at open mics.

While she does many different things — improvising southern country-fried, chicken-picking guitar solos, tapping percussion with her feet, blowing nasty harp with swampy comprehension, adding soft beauty to the facade before tearing it down and throwing it in your face with piercing vocals — the advent of Lingman does one general thing to a band: it brings a ton of soul.

Kira’s vocal’s teeter between the moonlit comfort of Patsy Cline to the pained soulfulness of Janis Joplin.

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